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Uber Tips Tricks And Other Good Stuff

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I have been driving for Uber since June of 2015 and I have both learned and experienced many things on my trips and developed some uber tips tricks along the way. When we’re out there on the road with Uber, Lyft or any other rideshare platform, there are many things that we have to take into consideration and remain alerted too. We want our riders to be safe and comfortable and we want to remain as safe and comfortable as possible during our trips. I mean, we do end up in some strange, obscure places, picking up strangers in a lot of situations. Remember also that the RIDER is being picked up by a stranger, getting into a strange car!

uber tips tricks strangers

What We Were Always Told


As a driver, our principal concern should be safety. Secondary to safety is cleanliness. Mostly everything else falls elsewhere. In this article, I have compiled some things that I find necessary, but not required, to make our trips safe, secure, healthy, fun and profitable!



TIP No. #1 – Be Professional    

Now, the main thing that I want to stress, “BE PROFESSIONAL.” You are basically working for yourself, so you certainly want to represent yourself well. I’m also a photographer and I have a sign in the vehicle that promotes my photography business. I have received many jobs just from this advertisement alone. Now if I had been unprofessional, I highly doubt that I would have received these job offers.


TIP No. #2 – Be Polite     

This Uber tips tricks goes hand-in-hand with being professional. Whenever a rider gets into your vehicle, try and be the first to ask, “how are you”, or “how’s your day”! I’ve found that this normally puts the rider at ease and opens the door to more conversation if you so choose. This can also lead to the rider leaving you a TIP at the end of the trip as they generally feel like the ride was enjoyable!

scary sketchy uber drivers

Sketchy Uber drivers


TIP No. #3 – Learn Your Routes    

This Uber tips tricks is essential for maximizing your profits. Get to know the city or the location that you are driving. Get to know it WELL! It can save you a lot of time and frustration. I drive in the Cleveland, OH area, mostly downtown and needless to say, it gets gridlocked weekend nights. I’ve found little short-cuts through alleys parking lots that not too many of the amateurs don’t know about (yet) and it has saved me from being stuck in traffic for 15-20 minutes. Some of you may not mind being stuck in traffic as you may want your fare to increase from the time of the trip. But, if there is a surge, you’d do better to get as many rides in during that time that you are sitting in traffic.

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While Waiting For Uber

Also, I don’t always trust Uber’s navigation. I have found that it almost ALWAYS takes the slowest and most congested route. The only time that I use Uber’s navigation is when I go to pick the rider up. Other than that, I trust MY navigation (from knowing the city well) as it is usually the fastest route. Just make sure that you share with your rider that you know a faster route when you proceed.


TIP No. #4 – Keep Your Vehicle Clean     

Not too many things are worse than getting into a strange, smelly and trashy vehicle. Think about when you get in a friends car and it is smelly or dirty…same principal. I have had many a rider say how nice it is to get into a “clean” uber car. Some have even tipped me just for it being clean. Keep air freshener and a disposal garbage bag in the trunk or glove compartment. A clean vehicle is also one of the questions uber ask riders to rate you on. So, a clean vehicle will also help your ratings!

TIP No. #5 – Promote Yourself     

Now, when I say promote yourself, I don’t mean start talking about yourself and other things or businesses that you do as soon as the rider enters your vehicle. Rather, do it subtly. As I mentioned above, I am a photographer. I subtly let the rider know this with a small sign that I have in the front and the back of the car. I let the rider “ask” be about my profession and that gives me an opportunity to “promote” myself and my business. This leads to other income opportunities outside of uber. Just think about the unlimited potential of what you can earn. Always have a business card ready or even better, text the rider your business information before you end the trip!

MrUberDriver ratng and promo card for uber

Mr. Uber Driver Uber Promo & Rating Card

Also, you must notice that I’ve started this website. I use this website as another means of promoting myself, sharing information with other rideshare drivers. It kind of helps you to stick out in your field. You can also earn residual income from your website if you monetize it correctly. But, that’s for another day!


These are just the basic Uber tips tricks to get you started and hopefully to get you to full, maximum earnings. We will add more tips in future articles. If you ever need any questions answered, please feel free to comment below or shoot me a quick email and I’ll get back to you quickly. Thanks for visiting!

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